21 July 2016

This is the fastest and easiest guide to getting Samba running on an Ubuntu Server virtual machine so that files can be accessed in the Mac Finder.

In less than five minutes, you’ll be able to have a working Samba file sharing server.

When I have code to run on AWS EC2 instances, I want to test it locally to save money on CPU time. I use an Ubuntu Linux Server installed as a virtual machine on my Mac to do this. I like to be able to work with the files directly on the server inside my Mac apps. To do that I set up Samba file sharing. Unfortunately, Samba doesn’t work out of the box.

I figured out a minimal set of configuration changes to get it working based on a fresh installed Ubuntu Server. That’s what I share with you in my video, so you can save time setting it up for yourself. By the end of the video, you’ll be able to have a configured samba server that allows accessing the files on an Ubuntu Server from the Finder in your Mac.

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