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ikiApps is involved in special projects that bring value to people’s lives and our world. We are dedicated to applications of software technology that can serve the highest good. To that end, we are constantly integrating new ideas that build upon the foundations that have reshaped the experience of living for many. Not all changes are beneficial and that is why we approach problems with thoughtful consideration to what can be of deeper value.

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imageCalendar Timer 2 (Productivity): 「千里之行,始於足下」 (A thousand miles begins with a single step). Taking that first step and then tracking progress for a goal is one of the best ways of achieving it. Calendars are perfect for this. Save timed task sessions to all of your color-coded calendars and achieve everything you desire.
imageNMCP Finder (Travel): Find grave sites of veterans and their family members at the Punchbowl Cemetery, also known as the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. In response to inquiries, no updates are scheduled at this time due to resource constraints.